What Authors Don’t Understand About Blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Enthralled Magazine What Authors Don’t Understand About Blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blogging like many things is a science or it should be viewed as one at least. It’s not just a practice where an author, writer or blogger puts down their thoughts and ideas; there is a lot more to blogging than that.

Truth is, authors and writers being the more creative types tend to approach blogging in the wrong way.

If done the right way, your blog posts can attract the right kind of visitors to your site – the ones who will buy your book.

If you learn how to write articles and format them in the right way, you will find that the Search Engine Optimization of your website will improve. This will lead to more people finding you and wanting to read your book.

Blog the Right Way – Write to Your Audience

When creating a blog post it is important that you write for your audience. These might be slightly different people than those who read your book, they are those folks who are interested, but not quite sold yet.

Choose topics that would interest this group of people. What are they into? How old are they? Are they male or female? Consider these and many other points too.

What themes or ideas does your book contain that would interest them?

Blog the Right Way – Structure Your Post

Keep your post between 200 and 350 words. You can write longer posts if you wish, but Google only scans them up to a certain point, then ignores the rest.

If you want to write a longer piece, why not spilt it into parts?

The blog posts you have, the greater your online presence will be.

Also, tag your images with the key words or the title of your post. Well tagged images can increase the likelihood of the article being found by up to 30%.

Include subheadings with key words (just like I’ve done here). Subheadings, and images, work as place markers as well; helping readers follow your post on smaller screens such as smartphones and tablets.

Use links to outside sources and to other articles and posts you have created. Sharing information by linking shows that you are open to sharing and supporting others online – this is something Google looks for and tracks.

Blog the Right Way – Regular Posts

Regardless of what anyone tells you, you should be posting on a regular basis. In fact, the more the better.

Once a week is okay, but two or three times a day will bring you the maximum benefits. Now, you don’t have to keep to this schedule each day. If you can stick to it for 4 months, your site will really get a lot of notice.

Best of all, enjoy writing and sharing your passion for books the right way and improve your Search Engine Optimization.

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