International Read to Me! Day 19 March 2018

International Read to Me! Day 19 March 2018

International Read to Me! Day is an international campaign aimed at encouraging children to remind the adults in their village to read to them often.

It was created as another essential cog in the literacy advocacy wheel, by empowering and encouraging children to participate in the conversation about their own literacy.

International Read to Me! Day aims to:

  1. Change the dynamic and empower children to ask for more support, not just from their birth family but also from their community.  Marking a day when kids can ask to be read to is a key part of this strategy.
  2. Promote, encourage and inspire reading activities within communities;
  3. To showcase organisations who are passionate about improving the literacy standards of the children around them.
  4. To address the disparity between resources and where they are distributed, by supporting a book drive and sending the collected books to locations around the world to those who are looking for books!
International Read to Me! Day 19 March 2018

International Read to Me! Day 19 March 2018

Click here: Read To Me Day Pledge and make a pledge to share a photo of you reading to a child on March 19th.

What YOU can do…

  1. Share this great day with your friends and family on Facebook Read To Me Day!
  2. Volunteer to read to children in your village – offering your time to schools, child-care facilities, the next door neighbour’s children or volunteer to read to children via an established literacy organisation (see Read To Me Literacy Organisation) Tag your photo with #readtomeday
  3. Host a ‘It’s Not About Me’ Morning Tea! Invite your guests to donate a children’s picture book. There are organisations and groups around the world who desperately need resources, such as the Reading Club in Tanzania championed by Lameck (Tanzania Ambassador for IR2MDay) or send money or books to an established literacy organisation.

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