The Night You Went Away Patricia Furstenberg

enthralled magazine The Night You Went Away Patricia Furstenberg

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When all's asleep and night is calm

And cats on windows, birds in trees and even owls rest,

A dog wakes up for he has heard:

The call of that one bird.

The birds that sings

But once.



And in the middle of the night, when mice and hens, the rooster too,

All share that one rhythm, of dreams and peace,

A dog gets up and moves along; he wants just one more pat

Before his master leaves.

For the one bird had sung,

Just once.


His master sleeps, his breath so soft, as quiet as the night.

He knows, more than he feels, his dog is by his side.

And in his slumber state he strokes the pet. Once more.

Then breathes out, hand slides down and… just like that, he's gone.

And birds and hens, the mice, the trees

Still sleep the night's deep sleep.


The dog barks once; he jumps from bed

And whines and licks the hand, last time.

So kind, so warm, yet never will it move again.

They're all awake now. They call, they cry.

"He's gone", a soft whine comes.

The bird had sung.


And with the first rays of new day when all wake up with hope,

The house where his master lived is all awake, yet sad.

The hens cluck, busy; eggs are done! The rooster calls the time.

And birds sing sweetly, the cat meows, she stretches, looks around.

Yet no one's there to pick the eggs, to feed the cat, to smile.

He’s gone, barks dog. He went away last night.


They came at lunch time; with a van.

Mom's lost, the rest still cry.

They took him with and yet… the dog still sits and waits.

He's by the gate.

And hopes that if the one bird comes and sings again,

His master will return.

Patricia Furstenberg is a talented children’s author and regular contributor to My Puppy Club. You can find Patricia online at her website, Patricia Furstenberg.


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