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How many times have you had doubts about your ability to write? Once a week, every day, every minute! RJ Simon takes a look at that self-doubting voice we all have.


But I don’t feel like a real ‘writer’!

Well why not?

Writers are special. People can’t just *become* writers. You either are a writer or you’re not...

Can you elaborate on that?

Writers are like mythical creatures. We see them sitting around in black and white photos at fine wooden desks laden with typewriters, quills, and perfectly angled ink black words scrolled beautifully on piles of parchment paper.  A single cat curls up neatly by their feet. They stroke beards, puff on their writerly pipes, as they gaze all knowingly through their glasses out the window and down upon the world beyond their rich leather clad library. It’s all so perfect.

Maybe a little too perfect...

Oh you are right! Of course, there are those CRAZY writers, in pyjamas, scrunching up piles of paper and throwing them on the ground quicker than the forests can grow and be milled to provide them... But they know they are writers and they always beat their writer’s block in the end.

They just need to go on a once in a lifetime adventure?

Yeah! Exactly!

Well, what about young writers?

 Oh YES, there are those romantic Anne of Green Gables types obsessed with alabaster brows! They almost always just need a little more life experience.

Um okay...

See! I’ll never be a REAL writer! I’m boring. My life is boring. I don’t own a tweed jacket. I’ve never been shipwrecked or held hostage by a clown... and I’m not even an orphan. Besides, I don’t FEEL like a writer. If I was a writer, I would FEEL like a writer.

Oh, I understand. And I see what you’re saying.

But what if the truth is... that those stereotypical writers that we so admire are often fictional idealisations created by writers...

Um, I don’t know. I suppose you might have a point... maybe.

So um, if you don’t feel like a ‘real writer’ maybe it’s time to ask yourself what a writer really is? Do you think maybe you could try that? Just for fun.

Yeah okay... I guess sometimes in the movies they don’t feel like writers... even though they are writers.

Exactly. Now, don’t forget to write it all down so you can show me later okay?

Yeah okay... but I might have to buy a new book, all the others are full of random things, like ideas and half started stories and other stuff…

RJ Simon occasionally describes herself as an artist, writer, nature lover, cat whisperer, and an average cook. Read about her fantastic books at Books by RJ Simon

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