Why enthralled?

enthralled magazine

Enthralled means to be captivated, delighted or taken by something; it means to be held spellbound and charmed.

There is one thing that all authors and writers aim to achieve. That is to leave their reader enthralled. Whether they write for children, Sci-Fi, romance, or thrillers, an author’s goal is to captivate, delight, charm and hold their readers spellbound, and enthralled.

It just seemed the perfect name for a magazine about writing and books.

You’ll also notice that the ‘e’ is always in lowercase. This is for design purposes but also to celebrate the fact that not everything needs to be punctuated properly. And, that we can express our creativity in many ways.

enthralled magazine

enthralled magazine

Explore and Other Great Ideas

The first cover as you can see here, is an enchanting image of a little girl studying you, the onlooker, with a large magnifying glass; hence, the first month’s theme is ‘explore’.

When I first thought of creating a magazine for authors I knew I was going on a journey of exploration and discovery.

When I saw this inquisitive, thoughtful little face, I knew she would do just nicely.

I hope you enjoy this, our first edition of enthralled magazine. Each month we will have a theme around which our articles and stories will be present. This month our theme is ‘explore’.

Please check out our website if you want to subscribe. We are always ready to accept articles too.

After all it is our mission to keep our readers enthralled, spellbound and captivated, too.

  enthralled magazine