Writers Need to Explore More

Writers Need to Explore More Enthralled Magazine

Writers and other explorers – and all people – today face many profound and often difficult challenges: how to ensure own personal survival and wellbeing, for our family and loved ones; how to ideally help people in our local community, state, nation, country, and worldwide; and how to solve environmental, political and other problems on local and world levels.

How do we help improve personal and the collective wellbeing of ourselves and others?

This world has had so many different and difficult complex problems that help of all is needed to solve them.

Writing and journaling have long been among useful therapeutic tools for personal change and wellbeing, for sorting through events and emotions, figuring out what we think, and to explore what we wish to say or do.

“The pen is mightier than the sword” - Variants of this saying have been present from the ancient times, and still hold true today.

A children’s book has helped abolish slavery, and a children’s book author has helped improve wellbeing of animals and children, and topple a government. Just Google ‘Lex Lindgren’, or read about Astrid Lindgren’s life, the author of Pippi Longstocking.

Public Relations is a powerful tool or it can be used as a weapon. Like fire it can be used for good or not-so-great purposes. It strongly influences local and world politics and decision making, however, with social media and internet, everyone can share their ideas and opinions!

Writers and explorers, especially journalists and critical thinkers, need to explore how to say things in a constructive way: respectfully or even playfully – when appropriate. They need to find and build consensus: something we all can agree on, and promote problem-solving in creative and innovative win-win ways.

How can we promote ‘old-fashioned’ values and virtues to today’s and tomorrow’s generations? Like patience, persistence, courage, wisdom, international friendship built from fun and interesting work. We need to explore ourselves living and being together as people, and nature-friendly projects and programs, respect of all beings and nature, including ourselves, caring, solidarity, treating ourselves and other people decently.

We need to learn how to listen and get out into the real life. And, we need to learn how to work for the common good, for the greater good of all.

Andreya Via is a lifelong explorer who explores Life, the Universe and Everything at LaExplorella

She has written poetry, fairytales for kids and adults (fantasy and SciFi), songs, interactive fairytales and stories, and an occasional half of musical!  

You can find her on Twitter 

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