Has Writing Gone to the Dogs?

Has Writing Gone to the Dogs? Enthralled Magazine

There is no doubt that dogs play an important role in all our lives. However, after some investigation we found that many writers and authors share their writing space with some very special canines.

Much has been written about famous authors and their dogs. Many of you may know that Stephen King’s Marlowe, a much-loved corgi, inspires many of his canine characters, in particular Horace in Under the Dome, and Daisy in The Regulators.

When Steinbeck was short of ideas and needed inspiration, he put his French Poodle, Charley, into his truck and the pair would travel across the country seeking inspiration, release and concepts to explore.

What’s in it for the writer?

Having another being close by has many benefits for writers.

For one, you can sound out any ideas you may be having doubts about. You could also describe the behaviour of a character, stare into your dog’s eyes, and see if it resonates with his pure, loyal doggie heart.

You also have an excuse when writer’s block takes heed to leave the damn writing and walk the dog, feed the dog, brush the dog… you name it. Your dog has many needs, all of which are great alternatives to staring at a screen for hours on end.

What’s in it for the dog?

Yes, what is in it for the dog?

Let’s face it, unlike cats, dogs love to be with their owners no matter how distracted, or dare we say, boring they are.

Dogs need about 23 ½ hours sleep, which suits many writers. They never complain when the internet is down, when clumsy fingers keep spelling wrong, or when, hour after hour, you sit banging your head on your desk.

And, when that spark of brilliance occurs and you finally type, ‘The End’ who, but your humble dog will be there to celebrate with you?

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